The Record Growth by Meysu in 2015 and New Launches in 2016…

The Record Growth by Meysu in 2015 and New Launches in 2016…

Brandmix shares the pride of Meysu that breaks growth records! Brandmix enjoyed the pride and excitement of the important Launch Meeting together with Chairman of Meysu, Bekir Güldüoğlu, Board Member Osman Güldüoğlu and Meysu Team. Brandmix shared 2016’s Strategic Marketing Plan created together with Meysu including the exciting new brand launches and innovations.

Meysu, which is Turkey’s one of the most well-established juice brands, continues its bold steps…Frutbox, the new juice beverage launched in 2015 targeting youth segment , brought a new excitement to the juice beverage category with its innovative packaging, attractive designs and peculiar communication style. In addition to this successful launch, Meysu started 2016 with strong moves. Meysu entered Ice tea category with its new brand Fruchai bringing a distinctive position to itself with the “Real Fruit” claim. Meysu Lemonada is also another strong launch with a great taste, innovative packaging and attractive designs.

Meysu, also continued its innovations with HOP ON brand launch in the growing energy drink category.

Brandmix which assumes the Strategic Marketing Consultancy role of Meysu, is very proud to contribute to the successes of Meysu brand which broke growth records in 2015 . Brandmix strongly believes that new success stories will be written together in 2016.